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The Important equipment to set up CATV HFC Networks and primarily used for TV video signal digital TV signal, telephone voice signal and data signal long distance fiber transmission.

The product use important high performance DFB Laser as light source. RF drive adopt RF power digital automatic process technique and advanced RF pre-distortion circuit and built in perfect microprocessor automatic monitor system insure the excellent function of the product. These transmitter utilize a directly modulated 1310 nm DFB Laser and superior circuit design supporting automatic temperature and power control.




* RS 232 connector
Ÿ * Good stabililty, CSO and CTB
Ÿ * Double Original NXP Module
Ÿ * VFD Displays the correct working condition
Ÿ * SNMP System with AGC/MGC Control from 47 - 872 Mhz.
Ÿ * High performance DFB Laser to provide high quality Signal
Ÿ * AGC / MGC Mode
Ÿ * High Quality DFB Laser
Ÿ * Dual SMPS Power Supply
Ÿ * R.F. Pre-distorsion Circuit
Ÿ * Variable Input Gain Control
Ÿ * Double Original Philips I.C. Used