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ME8000/8004 series are EoC (Ethernet over Coax) Indoor/Outdoor Masters with the access function of CATV (cable television) and internet broadband data.

They can implement hybrid output of internet data signal and CATV signal through cable television distribution network to realize co-cable transmission of television programs, voice signal and internet content. ME8000/8004 Indoor/ Outdoor Master series adopt the latest Qualcomm Atheros 7410 solution, providing PHY rates of 500 Mbps of through put over coax in co-axial network.




Co-axial able terminal is an EoC Slave based on Atheros 7411 solution. It's has 4 10/100M full duplex Ethernet ports which can simultaneously connect computer, Set Top Box (STB) or other terminals. Ethernet transmit network through television co-axial cable and meanwhile have no influence on the pre-existing CATV signal transmission.

ME5004 occupies low frequency band under 65Mhz and has no collision with current CATV system frequency which can decrease mutual interference. ME5004 support bandwith control and encrypted transmission to satisfy high reliable service.