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CATV Signal Level Meter is portable instrument with functions of CATV System installation and testing. This instrument can test CATV Signal Level both at Channel and Frequency Mode. It has frequency range of 47 ~ 860 Mhz. & voltage range of 0 ~ 100 Volts AC.


*Ÿ C/N Measurement
*Ÿ QAM Measurement
*Ÿ Setup of Parameters
Ÿ*Ÿ Voltage Measurement
*Ÿ Signal Channel Level Measurement
Ÿ*Ÿ Digital Channel Power Measurement
*Ÿ Single Frequency Level Measurement
*Ÿ Audio Carrier Signal Level Measurement
*Ÿ Tilt Measurement (Dual Channel Measurement)
*Ÿ MER & BER Measurement of Digital Channels