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Optical node is designed to meet the requirement of modern HFC Network. The optical node is the perfect solution for operators implementing fiber in their system. It has very high input sensitivity (-11dBm) and high CNR for large network.

This solution allows reducing cost of network maintenance eliminating the necessity of plugin modules stock and simplifying installation and adjustment of the device.


* Power Meter Sensitivity upto -16 dBm
* Heavy Linear Power Supply
* Alum. Housing with 3 Heat Sinks
* 3 I.C. 4 Output with Separate Fuse
* Optical Wavelength 1310 ~ 1610 nm
* R.F. Frequency Range 40 ~ 860 Mhz.
* Optional Amplifier or Node Selection


* Low Noise Figure
* Double Heat Sinks
* Lock Free Attenuator
* Korean B.O. & I.C. Used
* Power Meter up to -11 dBm
* Heavy Linear Power Supply
Ÿ* Fully Powder Coated Metal Housing
* Optical Wavelength 1310 ~1610 nm
* R.F. Frequency Range 40~860 Mhz.