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RF TV is unique directional analogue and digital broadcast. It adopts high efficiency modulation mode for RF carrier wave and its economy, flexibility and band width validity is beyond comparison of IP TV. RF TV broad casting network in 1550 nm optical wave length still plays an important role and 1550 nm externally modulated optical transmitter is core equipment in this system.

1550 nm externally modulated technology has no laser chirp, low dispersion, distortion , & large extortion ratio, with excellent characteristics within in 40 ~ 862 mhz.


* Excellent P/P ratio
* Casing temperature auto control
* 1 + 1 backup power supply optional
* AGC/MGC mode is optional at spot
* Our EDFA has 4 output of 16 or 17 dBm
* Perfect RS 232 communication interface
* The operating band width is up 40 ~ 870 mhz.
* SNMP network management function optional
* Narrow band width lower noise DFB continuous wave laser
* Perfect index unique innovation technology provide excellent CNR, CTB, CSO, SBS